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Career Coaching Program

Kingdom Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching Program is offered through our collaboration with Trinity Vocational Solutions to individuals with disabilities through the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Services. For more details you can visit


A job coach is an individual who is employed to help people with  disabilities learn, accommodate, and perform their work duties. Our Career coaches work with individuals one-on-one and/or in a small group. Our Career  Coaching services provide coaching for the following areas:

  • Career  Exploration
  • Career Change
  • Career Development
  • Career Readiness
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training
  • Financial Planning
  • Job Exploration Counseling
  •  Postsecondary Exploration
  •  Counseling Pre-Employment Skills
  •  Self-Advocacy Skills Training Tutoring
  • Work Based Learning Experiences

Our High School Career  Coaching Program help students to explore careers based on their passion, interests, values,  skills, and identify matching potential career pathways, and abilities. The career  coaching process is intended to assist a student in discovering  potential goals, building a plan for reaching these goals, and  identifying any potential barriers to goal achievement.  We help students explore opportunities that would allow them to be successful in a career.   Upon completion of the coaching program each student would receive a certificate of completion and awards.

We offer a peer to peer group coaching  program for social skills and  life coaching intervention.  The program offers entrepreneurial  exploration for self-employment and so much more.